Delivery for CorteXlab!!!

In spite the fact that the room works are advancing rather slow these last weeks, today we had the delivery of the equipment required by the RF isolation works! It was very hard work… some of us had to learn how to drive all over from scratch (a pallet jack, at least):   This is … Continue Reading »

Twitter account

Howdy! For those of you who are twitter maniacs and hate having to open our site everyday, we have good news for you! CorteXlab now has a twitter account: Don’t hesitate to spread the news by retweeting us, or to contact us by tweeting @fitcortexlab. For those who don’t have a twitter account, worry … Continue Reading »

Divide and conquer

Finally the walls are under construction, isolating the experimentation room from the remainder of the space (which will de used for plumbing and A/C tubes). Next, wall finish (so that the RF isolation tissue/copper foil can be applied), ceiling and replacement of the compressed air tubes, maybe not is this order. Here’s what it looks … Continue Reading »

We have a floor!

The construction works have advanced quite fast last week. I’m glad to announce we now have a floor. Indeed, the concrete floor has been deployed and while we wait for all of it to dry out, here are some pictures to keep you updated: Stay tuned for the advances. There’s still plenty of things to … Continue Reading »