Testing radio platforms

As lucky as we are, we’ve had the opportunity to test GNU Radio with Nutaq’s Radio420 cards. Yes, this is smoking hot new stuff, right out of the oven! We’re beta testing GNU Radio for Radio420 and helping with the development of a Ubuntu installer for Nutaq. The idea is to be able to provide … Continue Reading »

CorteXlab servers powered on

Hey there, The brand new CorteXlab servers arrived a few weeks before Christmas holidays and they’ve since been racked up in our server bay. Servers There are two Dell R420 and a R720. While the biggest one will be devoted to data handling with it’s high data throughput capabilities, one of the smallest will run … Continue Reading »

Slow but steady

Just an update… 1. Today we’ve got the delivery of the 100kg electric transformer, for circuit isolation. Yes, a bit more of pallet jack fun! 2. The ceiling is underway and we’re starting to get a feeling of what the room will look like in the end. Its quite claustrophobic due to the low height (1.8 m) … Continue Reading »