Getting help

Although we try to ease the usage of the FIT/CorteXlab testbed as much as possible, experimenting on Cognitive Radio can get messy and you might be in need of a little help.

If you need technical help, do not hesitate to let us know on the community mailing list at There, all the FIT/CorteXlab users, as well as the administration team, will be able to help you with any technical trouble you may encounter. Keep in mind however that, although we are willing to provide support, we will not do your work for you nor will any other FIT/CorteXlab user.

Reporting a bug

CorteXlab is an experimental testbed, still in alpha and despite all our efforts you might notice that something is not working properly. When that is the case, you can fill in a bug report, after having checked that no one did it yet, on This is a bug tracker powered by Bugzilla and we hope that its usage is quite straightforward.

Contact us

Finally, if you ever want to contact us for any other reason, you can do so at We do accept constructive and friendly criticism (no one is perfect!), feature requests, collaboration and publication proposals, as well as any kind of kitten pictures.