Inria’s Socrate Research Team

The FIT/CorteXlab testbed is managed and executed by members of the Inria’s Socrate research team.

An interdisciplinary team

One of the key features that places CorteXlab in the state-of-the-art in cognitive radio testbeds is its team, composed of multidisciplinary know-how:

Project Management/Counseling/Guidance:

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Gorce : Head of CorteXlab / Researcher

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Gorce

Head of CorteXlab / Researcher

Jean-Marie is the former head of the CITI research lab at INSA Lyon and one of the researchers of the Socrate team. He specializes in wireless link modeling and optimization. He is the head of CorteXlab as well as our chief evangelist.

Prof. Dr. Tanguy Risset : Head of Socrate / Researcher

Prof. Dr. Tanguy Risset

Head of Socrate / Researcher

Tanguy is the head of the Socrate research team at Inria and at the CITI research lab. He is also one of the executives of the FIT/CorteXlab testbed. He specializes in embedded systems, high level synthesis as well as SOC simulations.

Prof. Dr. Guillaume Villemaud : Researcher

Prof. Dr. Guillaume Villemaud


Guillaume is a researcher of the Socrate team and specializes in smart antennas and wireless link. He is one of the executives of CorteXlab.

Dr. Florin Hutu : Researcher

Dr. Florin Hutu


Florin is a researcher in the Socrate team. He is helping out with radio frequencies and signal measurements aspects of the project.

Testbed Design and Execution:

Olivier Nicolas : Engineer

Olivier Nicolas


Olivier works on the testbed infrastructure.

othmane Oubejja : Engineer

othmane Oubejja


Othmane maintains FPGA design for the PicoSDR platform in order to have cognitive radio experiment on CorteXlab.
He also works on setting up of flexible transmit/receive chains on the PicoSDR platforms, ensuring coherent and optimized experiments on the testbed.

Pascal Girard : engineer

Pascal Girard


platform backend and frontend

Dr. Leonardo Sampaio Cardoso : Associate Professor

Dr. Leonardo Sampaio Cardoso

Associate Professor

Leonardo is responsible for the implementation of software defined and cognitive radio scenarios on the nodes with the GNU Radio toolkit. He also works on the testbed services software development.

Matthieu Imbert : Engineer

Matthieu Imbert


Matthieu works on the testbed infrastructure and services software development.

Engineering Support/Counseling:

Stéphane D’Alu : Engineer

Stéphane D’Alu


Stéphane is helping with the testbed operations by providing support and expertise on various infrastructure and software related aspects of the project.

Frédéric Saint-Marcel : Engineer

Frédéric Saint-Marcel


Frédéric is the lead engineer of the associate project FIT/IoT-lab and provides valuable expertise and resources for the conception and operation of the testbed. He helps with the federation of CorteXlab with all the other FIT testbeds.

Administrative support:

Former members:

Benjamin Guillon : Engineer

Benjamin Guillon


Benjamin is responsible for the design and the development of the CorteXlab infrastructure. From the servers to the user web interface.

Dr. Abdelbasset Massouri : Engineer

Dr. Abdelbasset Massouri


Abdelbasset is responsible for the FPGA development on the SDR nodes for CorteXlab. He also implements communication protocols on FPGA whose source code will be released for the community.

Louis Besème : Engineer

Louis Besème


Louis works on the testbed infrastructure, especialy on the integration of the nutaq picosdr nodes in the cortexlab platform

Gaëlle Tworkowski : Assistant

Gaëlle Tworkowski


Gaëlle is the administrative assistant that enables the project to keep going on a daily basis.

Dr. Antoine Scherrer : Engineer

Dr. Antoine Scherrer


Antoine was one of the engineer responsible for
the embedded aspects of the CorteXlab nodes.

Dr. Hervé Parvery : Engineer

Dr. Hervé Parvery


Herve was responsible for the radio signal propagation preliminary studies for the experimentation room design.