Experimentation room is ready

Howdy everyone!

Did you miss us? Yes, we’ve been a bit silent these last months, but it was for a good cause!

We have some new announcements to make along with some awesome eye-candy for you!

CorteXlab Status:

We’re happy to announce that works been going on a steady pace since we last posted here. We’ve accomplished several milestones, some of the crucial for the development of CorteXlab:

  1. Minus is up and running. We have an early version of our experiment control system, called “Minus”. With it we’re already able to deploy simple scenarios on our development version of CorteXlab, which run just fine!
  2. Experimentation room is deployed. We’ve received all equipment, PCs, USRPs and PicoSDRs and we have them deployed in the room! Things look really good when we turn off the light to have a led-blinking starred sky (see photos)!

Next Conferences: 

We’ll be presenting on the status of CorteXlab (and in some occasions making a demo) at some conferences. Here’s a list:

  1. SDR-Wincomm 2014 (March 11-13): Presentation of our advancements on the FPGA programming side, mainly on our soon-to-be open source 802.15.4 physical layer.
  2. Infocom 2014 (April 27 – May 7): Demo of CorteXlab and the FPGA programming capabilities.
  3. Symposium @ Virginia Tech (May 28-30): General presentation on the advancements of CorteXlab and its capabilities.

If you’re at one of these conferences and want to say hi, talk about wireless technology, suggest improvements or even want to work with us, please stop by. We’ll be happy to meet you!


Here’s some eye-candy for you guys, a reward for being patient between posts:

All PCs, USRPs and PicoSDRs are installed in the room. Antennas are still missing though.


Led blinking deliciousness!


Light writing!!

Off course, with the lights out we were tempted to be creative… 🙂


We had as much fun doing the pictures as installing the room! Well, except for the cabling part…


Ben’s bay is rainbow themed!