Hey guys,

find . -name '*.py' | xargs wc -l
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We’ve kept silent for a long time but we’re not dead.
The project development pace has been increasing steadily over the last few months as we’re aiming for an alpha release of the testbed in October (yeah that’s pretty close).
Yesterday, we even reached a symbolic milestone: we produced more than 10,000 lines of python code for CorteXlab. Okay that also includes commentaries, but still!

Sadly this release won’t be public (the beta will be, for selected partners) but hopefully we will be able to give you hints on how it works and what you’ll be able to do when you get your hands on it.

Moreover, we will be starting to get the brand new software radio nodes from Nutaq and National Instruments (Ettus) at the end of the year.
Things will get even more interesting.

So, stay tuned!