Experimentation Room “delivered”!

This is it!

The Experimentation Room of CorteXlab is now fully built and faradized!
With a measured isolation from the outer world of at least -65 dB in the 300MHz to 5GHz band, proper experimentation medium is achieved.
Moreover, ultra broadband microwave pyramidal absorbers are mounted on the room walls and ceiling to limit reflected waves.
The reflectivity at normal incidence for these absorbers is:

  • 500MHz-1GHz band: -10dB
  • band L: -15dB
  • Band S: -30dB

Some movable absorbers will be also placed on the ground.

Furthermore, the electrical and network wiring is laid upon the ceiling framework that as been installed at roughly 1.70m above the floor.
Then, the nodes and all the necessary control equipments will be hanged on this framework.
It leaves plenty of room for the future robot-nodes – acting as mobile nodes – that will be rolling on the floor!

Of course, as you can see on the pics below, there is still a lot of work to do… but the nodes are coming in soon.