New version of the Website

Hello there, Those who follow our progress might have noticed several changes in the CorteXlab website. Indeed, with the CorteXlab demo at the 2014 IEEE INFOCOM conference and the opening of the beta approaching, it became an ever increasing need to make it friendlier. Changes include: Top menus as well as side menus have been … Continue Reading »


Hey guys, find . -name ‘*.py’ | xargs wc -l … 10702 total We’ve kept silent for a long time but we’re not dead. The project development pace has been increasing steadily over the last few months as we’re aiming for an alpha release of the testbed in October (yeah that’s pretty close). Yesterday, we … Continue Reading »

Experimentation Room “delivered”!

This is it! The Experimentation Room of CorteXlab is now fully built and faradized! With a measured isolation from the outer world of at least -65 dB in the 300MHz to 5GHz band, proper experimentation medium is achieved. Moreover, ultra broadband microwave pyramidal absorbers are mounted on the room walls and ceiling to limit reflected … Continue Reading »

CorteXlab servers powered on

Hey there, The brand new CorteXlab servers arrived a few weeks before Christmas holidays and they’ve since been racked up in our server bay. Servers There are two Dell R420 and a R720. While the biggest one will be devoted to data handling with it’s high data throughput capabilities, one of the smallest will run … Continue Reading »